Golden Tour

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Golden Tour is a golf-based mobile slot machine from Playtech; the game is an HTML5-based mobile slot that can be used on smartphones (such as iPhones or tablets) running iOS or Android operating systems. The game can be accessed through a mobile web

browser and can be played without downloading. The slot consists of 5 runners and 3 rows, and can use up to 5 payment lines. There can be up to 5 coins per spin (1 coin per line), with coin values ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 5.00. A non-progressive jackpot bonus can result in the payment of 2,000 coins (which means the biggest win can be refunded to $ 10,000. This game has scatter plots, wilderness, and bonus games, but there are no free spins or multiplication events.

This rule is related to the rules for regular slots. The game requires players to bet up to 1 coin on each of the 5 paylines. A maximum of 5 coins can be used per spin and each coin is worth between $ 0.01 and $ 5.00. Jackpot prizes return 2,000 times the initial bet, so you can pay up to $ 10,000. Online games offer jackpots. The rest of the salary can be viewed through the payroll in the game.

Game symbols include a pair of golf shoes, a pint of beer, a red flag, a bag of clubs, a golf cart, a pink ball, a blue ball, a pair of golden balls (wild), a mouse, a duck, and a fish ( The last 3 are scatter symbols).

This pair of golden balls is crazy and will only replace pink and blue golf balls. Placing 5 of these wild symbols on a valid payline will cause the jackpot bonus to be paid.

3 scatter symbols (mouse, duck, and fish) can activate the reward round, as getting any of the 3+ same symbols on the active payment line will start the feature. The bonus game requires the player to choose a golf club so that the golfer can hit the ball, which will result in an instant cash outlay.