Little Fantail

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Anyone who maintains a golden goldfish will get used to Little Fantail on Live22 with many symbols, including shells, plants, windmill jewelry and cute cartoon fish floating on the sides, giving a gift when someone is in the right position. More rolled. This is a 5-reel online

casino game where you can search 40 rows of fish-themed juts, the lucky player will be able to enjoy rewards such as wild alternatives, spinning useless for extra prizes, and jackpots.

Compared to many slot machines, Indonesian slot games have a rather easy design and provide comic style and bright colors. They still add some good grains, each reel separated by an animated bubble that rises from the bottom of the tank, and if it becomes part of the winning line, the windmill sails a small spin. Behind the spindle is an easy rock and rock image, although the easy toggle version optimized by the game cannot be seen clearly, allowing the player to see a clearer view on a smaller screen.