Mayan Element Of Life

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The Maya have very interesting beliefs and traditions, and now with this game we can see this. Maya Elemental Life is a unique online slot game designed and distributed by Gamingsoft. We really like the graphics of this slot because it has a strikingly colored icon,

a scroll of stones, and images of stones arranged in a circle in the background.

The elements of Mayan life have 5 scrolls and provide 243 ways to win. There are 11 regular symbols in this game-6 of them are playing cards and 5 of them are in the form of interesting neon-like symbols. The silver mask with the word wild on it is the wild symbol, which will replace all missing regular symbols to help players create winning streak. There is also a treasure chest, this time it is a scatter symbol. When you place three or more of them anywhere on the screen, the Free Spin mode is activated. For some reason, the Yggdrasil tree is a jackpot symbol, and placing three of these symbols on the first three reels will activate the jackpot game, giving you a chance to win one of the few jackpot prizes.