Dragon Jackpot

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Most trips to the East are inspired by the desire to experience unique and exotic. Playtech tried to take advantage of the region's mysteries by using a more unique form of roulette game variation I've played. This Dragon Jackpot Roulette Review looks at the game with

beautiful red dragon scale roulette wheels and progressive jackpots. If you are willing to perform the task of killing the dragon, please click the link below. Playtech's various gaming products can be found in most legal online casinos.

Thsi roulette variant is played according to the European Roulette rules. What I mean by this is that you will have a standard 37 pockets on the roulette wheel that includes one zero. When looking at the Dragon Jackpot Roulette rules, you’ll see that the roulette variant features the normal inside and outside bets. To make betting easy, Playtech has included a race track on the table that allows you to wager on any number with a range of either 1-5 neighbours. You can also choose between either a Tier, Orphelins or Voisins Du Zero bets. Those are the basics rules. The game pays the typical 35:1 for straight bets and 1:1 for wagers on even/odd or red/black. Like all roulette games, the more numbers you place chips on on, the smaller the payout will be. All of this seems pretty standard, and it is, but to understand the bonuses of this Playtech product, you should pay close attention to the tees and cees.