Pink Panther

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There are 8 paylines in this game, these paylines are fixed in place to make you win the most per round. You can change the bet per spin by clicking the plus and minus signs to increase your bet from a minimum of 0.01 Euro to a minimum of 100 Euro. The lion head

gets the highest reward, up to 8888 coins. There are 3 symbols on the scroll bar. The lion statue rewards up to 888 coins for 3 symbols, while the second highest paid symbol is a fish, paying 688 coins for 3 symbols, and the frog paying 288 coins for 3 matching symbols.

The pink leopard symbol in the game is also a symbol of wildness. The pink panther can replace any symbol other than scattering, and it is also a paid symbol. If you run into a long wilderness on the same line, you have a chance to win a lot of money.