Amazon Wild

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In a pretty crowded genre there’s always room for one more online slot with nature as it’s theme; Amazon Wild from Random Logic is one such game, featuring a glorious range of flora and wild animals as well as telling the tale of a ancient civilisations and lost cities.


Amazon Wild is five runner slots and also has an impressive 100 paylines, which means that almost every combination of matching symbols is a winner on the runner. Behind the scrolls on the screen, we can see an Amazon jungle scene with colorful birds in the foreground and the top of the Mayan pyramid above the treetops in the background. There is a lovely tropical bird song soundtrack to keep you company while you play.

The symbols are divided into three categories as follows:


  • Panther
  • Monkey
  • Lizard
  • Red Tree Frog


  • Toucan
  • Red Parrot
  • Yellow Parrot
  • Humming Bird


  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • Green

Special symbols are a map scatter which activates the bonus round and a god symbol which is wild.