Dragon Legend

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In the victory, Koi jumped into the dragon gate, a one-stop appearance, and wealth was waiting! The temples of Longmen City are built on high cliffs. Under the influence of incense in the temple, the koi fish in the nearby lotus pond gradually reached spirituality.

The golden scales on them slowly turned into gold and silver foil! Whenever the sun shines on the pond, the whole pond will flash beautiful golden light! There is also a legend in the temple that whenever the sacred lotus on the pond blooms, the koi that has achieved the enlightenment will become a dragon! Anyone who is fortunate to witness this occasion is destined to be blessed and rewarded! Whenever the lotus blooms and the bell of the dragon gate rings, are you destined to be the one destined to be blessed? Every time a pair of paired koi appears, free spins are rewarded and all winners are doubled! 3 bonus symbols will bless you when the bonus game mode is triggered. As the roulette is upgraded, the rewards will also increase!