Football Strike

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What is Football Strike?

Football Strike is a game where the player has to predict the outcome of a footballer’s shot. The player can bet on whether the shooting outcome is a goal or a save with other online players.

 Over a long period of time, Football Strike is likely to average a return to player (RTP) of 97.50% of the total bets made.

Below is the game scene after the player entering the game:

There are two major game modes in Football Strike: shooting race and free kicks. In the first you’re pit against another player and tasked with scoring the most points by hitting the targets that appear in the goal. With free kicks, you take turns shooting and goalkeeping with your opponent, the winner being the person who has the most kicks after five rounds. The career mode is a fusion of the two game modes, though the shooting races in some of the career mode level leave you playing solo.